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CVM: 203-433-0565

"Consistently Exceed Expectations."

CVM, Inc. has been our trusted IT partner for over 15 years, and they consistently exceed expectations. They handle all of our IT needs - from network maintenance and cybersecurity to cloud services and technical support. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and always goes the extra mile to ensure our technology runs smoothly and securely.

Machine Manufacturer
Chief Operating Officer

"Professional and Efficient."

I know in your business that you always hear about the problems, but rarely hear of when things are going right. Your staff has been professional and efficient and our return on investment has been significant. I have not concerned myself with software or hardware issues as your company has eliminated the need.

Wealth Management Firm
Managing Partner

"Exceptional Job."

I have heard nothing but very positive feedback about CVM. [Your engineers] have been doing an exceptional job for us - thank you. I am very pleased we made this move to CVM.

Senior Living Facility
Chief Executive Officer

"Valuable Business Partner."

Long term business relationships such as ours are becoming rare, and regretfully I believe, undervalued. However, the role CVM plays is most appreciated by me and I will continue to champion CVM as the valuable business partner that you are.

Precision Metals Manufacturer
Vice President of Administration

"Wonderful Support."

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at CVM for the wonderful support you provide so consistently. We absolutely love [your staff] here. I know there are also others in the office whose assistance we rely on. Thank you for everything, and I look forward to another great year.

Flow Monitoring Manufacturer
Vice President Administration

"Great Job."

Your team did a great job in getting us transitioned. [Your staff-members] have been great, transparent and responsive to my whole team. Thank everyone on your team for me.

Robotics Manufacturer
Chief Commercial Officer

"Truly Appreciated."

I wanted to extend a thank you and to let you know that [your staff] did a great job coordinating and working on what needed to be done for the successful move/configuration of the server room etc. to the new location. We truly appreciated all [the] hard work .

Medical Billing Provider
Support Supervisor

"In Our Arsenal."

We really do appreciate all the hard work you and your team provide us. You guys always go above and beyond. It means a lot to us as a small firm to know we have you guys in our arsenal literally 24/7. Good stuff!

International Accounting

"Incredibly Thankful."

I think the world of [your engineer] and am incredibly thankful that you have allowed him to support our needs. ...through my PhD and medical device career, I have had the privilege to interact with many highly technical individuals. [He] is one of those exceptional individuals, passionate, intelligent, thoughtful and knows his stuff!

Medical Device Manufacturer
Chief Executive Officer

"Great Partner."

Thank you for your time and efforts. As always, you are a great partner to our firm.

Law Firm
Systems Manager